Toni Verde is a composer, musician, arranger and orchestral conductor.He began his musical training early with classical study of the piano and guitar. After working as a composer for some years in the Progressive Rock group The Saint Just, his debut arrived in 1975 with his first album as a solo hits "Calypso". This disc is a rare example of experimental progressive music: infact the experts in the sector place it among the first models of acid jazz. After a spell in the United States, Toni returned to Italy in the early 1980s and founded with his brother Ciro Verde, the ACV Records label. As producer and artistic director of this label Toni received great acclaim from critics and the public, in Italy and abroad. The successes obtained were reviewed by the most important European publications, among them the English television ITV which dedicates a "special" to him,  while the London "DJ magazine" carries an article defining ACV as "the most ambitious label since the times of "Motown". ACV Records was the sole Italian record firm to enter the coveted sales classification of the weekly "Melody Maker" and the "New Musical Express", gaining the top positions. ACV Records was also the first electronic dance label to surface in Russia, in an event inside the Sports Palace in Moscow, and to take part in the Love Parade in Germany, apart from numerous events in the most important clubs in the world. There have been countless collaborations with some of the best-known DJs in the panorama of electronic dance music such as Robert Armani, Sven Vath, Dave Clarke, Paul Johnson, Steve Poindexter, Dave Angel and many others. From 1994 to 1999 Toni was in the top places in the international rankings with pop productions which have won Gold and Platinum Disc awards. In the 2011-2012 season he was a protagonist, together




with the artist Daniela Fusco, in the theatre world with the staging and direction of the "The Arch of Jade" which was shown against the picturesque backdrop of the "Spanish Steps" in Rome, before an audience of over 100.000. The show, staged in the most important theatres in Italy, had its debut in the Auditorium Conciliazione in Rome and was completely "sold out". In 2013, with the issue of the album of crossover music "The World to Come", Toni gains the top places in the iTunes classifications in Italy and the Top 10 in USA and UK, staying in the charts for as long as 16 weeks. June 21, 2014 concurrently with the release of the new album "Unity", International premiere on the steps of the Trinità dei Monti at the Spanish Steps. The new album "Unity", the result of a fusion between numerous musical genres, is metaphorically inspired by the union between a being and the universe it inhabits in the creation of a new dimension. A concept personally forged by Toni in his philosophy on life, one of his own device and which he has followed both mentally and physically, in so doing attracting a considerable number of followers intrigued by his fascinating personality. The Album reaches the top of the Charts in the iTunes Top 10 in Italy and Top 20 in France and UK. January 2015 comes out The Dragon's Empire, an album "Cinematic" that much interest in the US and is positioned in the charts of Digital Store in the genre Soundtrack. March 2015 comes out "Heroes of Galaxy", a new Cinematic" album , and in April 2015 he released "Solo Piano". In July 2015 he released a new album "Frames" ; in his productions, Toni succeeds in using futuristic electronic music in ways which are uniquely his own, drawing on the atmosphere and echo of his Mediterranean roots, never forgotten yet honed by his experiences



and opportunities for musical growth in USA. Constantly projected "forwards" both as an artist and as an individual, from the time of his earliest debut at a very young age as part of the awe-inspiring progressive music movement, as the leader of groups re-writing musical history back in the glory days of the Seventies. Always ready to broaden their horizons and experiencing new and current solutions through the electronic manipulations. In March 2016 Toni released "Reminiscences" that includes all its eclectic musical expression; going from solo piano pieces that express a strong emotion coming to pieces by minimal electronica. In December 2016 Toni released "Departures" an album that tells how in a travelogue; some of the experiences that have thrilled and enriched by the cultural experiences.

"Knowledge and awareness free our creativity.Perceptions liberate our instinct, know-how, love and put us in touch with the world.
"This is how composer and director Toni Verde describes his new album "Perceptions", which will be released on 21 July 2017.His ability to combine "Classical music", performed by an ensemble of stringed instruments and oboe, and "Contemporary music" through a style of composing filled with warmth, harmony and sophisticated arrangements; Perceptions may be classed as an example of Neo-classical music.On listening to Intangible Perception, the first on the track list, and Phrònesis, the last, passing by Methaphysical Dogma, feelings emerge from the bottom of your soul in a vibrant fusion to rediscover the true essence of music.